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Pastor Bayless Conley

Cottonwood Church, Los Alamitos, CA comments:

Diagnosed with kidney cancer, Jackie tells in detail about her battle, grappling with fear, and meditating on God’s Word. She faced a very persistent enemy and won the fight. It’s a wonderful story of what the Word of God can do. Both Janet and I enjoyed it. A good read!

Reader Jeff Marsell comments:

I couldn’t put the book down…easy to read, very relatable…inspiring. It took me to a higher level of understanding how to receive God’s blessing. Everyone needs some uplifting right now, it is great timing for this book. I know it will be very well received and hopefully touch millions. My wife is reading it now…we will be recommending it to friends and family.

Reader Monica Bosque comments:

I just finished reading HIS WORD HEALED ME, and although I am not experiencing any physical ailment, I found it compelling, encouraging and re-vitalizing! This book is for anyone wanting to grow deeper in their faith and grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord. It is a quick read, but like a match to kindling, it will ignite your passions for God’s Holy Word.

Reader Rose Seeley,

Manager of Cottonwood Church Bookstore:

This book surprised me. I couldn’t put it down. It drew me in completely.  It is a quick read, but I began to realize it has layers of great depth.  I never read a book twice, but I am now reading it through a second time for study and meditation.

I have faith and know that God is my Healer, but the book has made me realize that I wasn’t esteeming His Word highly enough in that area, or applying it in a practical way as effectively as I could. I am excited about the impact this book is having on me…. It’s big! This book could very effectively be used for small group studies, or even classroom settings. I believe it will help a lot of people and hope it gets wide recognition.

Reader Ofelia Lopez

comments on author & book:

Initially as I read the book, my psychology background dubbed you as “in denial” because you refused to say the “c” word. As I continued to read, however, I realized it was not denial at all, but great and very focused faith in God’s word. This book could not have ended up in my hands at a better time! The resolve with which you chose to focus on Jesus as your healer impressed me, and your comments about God’s promises for healing encouraged me in a time of fear as I sat in the hospital waiting for my daughter’s surgery results…. Your book gave my faith a boost at a time when I desperately needed it. I could hear your voice throughout the pages encouraging me…and completing the book has given me a direction in which to pray, a direction of total trust in God.

Allyson Gideon,

Testimonial from Downey, CA:

While in the hospital and afraid, I opened Jackie’s book and began to read. Her words came off the page to encourage me. Her story, along with the referenced Scriptures, took me from fear, to hope, then faith, and expecting God’s power for healing for me. This book is truly amazing!

Testimonial from Ruth Robbins,

Testimonial from Long Beach, CA:

Hi Jackie, tonight while I was at Rivers in the Desert Bible study with Pastors Ray & Patty Delea, Patty mentioned how much she loved your book!
She said she literally could not put it down! “It was so well written and just ‘drew me in’ from the beginning!”
Quite a compliment.  Thought you would be pleased to know the Holy Spirit is using your book!  Go JESUS!

Patricia Duncan,

Testimonial from Orange County, CA:

I bought your book when I heard you speak at Women’s Aglow in Laguna Woods. Little did I know that four months later I would be in a battle for my life medically. 

In the hospital I was so weak I couldn’t even hold my Bible steady to read it – it was a CONTAINER:  HIS WORD HEALED ME gave me manageable portions of the Word that could be digested at one reading. Your book was a LIFE PRESERVER: It brought me hope in a sea of symptoms. It was a COMPASS: Your book redirected me from the sickness to Jesus, my Healer. Your book was a VESSEL: It was a means of hope and direction toward healing. The doctors are amazed at how I’m doing, and God used your book to carry me!