Makin’ it Plain!







take for granted

grudge holding


liar, cheater, excuses

taker, selfish





       ENCOURAGEMENT                       VS




       HONESTY in LOVE



Which environment would YOU like to live in?  

In which setting would you probably flourish and become your best self?


FIRST off – to you SINGLES…. DON’T SETTLE just because you think you are lonely, or because you want sex, or  your “timeclock” is ticking. Don’t spend time with someone who doesn’t have the qualities in the left column within them. OBSERVE: How do they treat strangers? Their family members? Most importantly, how do they treat YOU?  If you see temper, short fuse, rudeness, entitlement, ANY mean-spiritedness, I have one word for you: RUN!  Don’t EVER think you can fix or change them…. That is a lie of self-deception embracing a myth rather than choosing well and wisely.


Also for SINGLES – stay OUT of the bed!  Physical affection can be so intoxicating it clouds good judgement. Keep a clear head, pay attention, let yourself be mentored by people who are wise and can speak into your life.  Never invest in anyone who makes you feel “less than”, stupid, or unimportant and not valued.

Now, for MARRIAGE – In your prayers, be COMMITTED to BEING the person with the qualities in the left column. Practice those qualities in every form of communication with your spouse.  Ask God to produce those qualities within you.  Be humble: ask God if you have any of the traits in the column on the right, and be determined to be wide open to God correcting YOU. That will be project enough!  If you see those traits active in your mate, pray and ask God what the reason is, pray for your spouse, and then pray for wisdom to approach them GENTLY about how it is affecting you! Do NOT approach in an accusing or attacking way, but approach within the parameters of the qualities in the left column.  Recall when you were best friends and had a song in your heart about your mate. Ask for God to help you appreciate your mate afresh.

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