OUR BODIES….. the ‘earth suit’ we live in while here on the planet. Adaptable, unique, they come in all sorts of heights and color tones.   We are living spirits, encased within living bodies, designed to be fueled by living food….. I discovered after decades of abusive eating habits that my body couldn’t run well on coffee and chocolate….. there would be a price to pay --- a large tumor in my left kidney that would turn my world a bit of upside down back in 2003.

Currently, I am working on ridding myself of 20 lbs. that I shouldn’t be carrying on my frame for my height.  I look fine, but it isn't wise to carry the extra weight.  It isn't about being "cute", it's about being HEALTHY!

I am back at the gym 5 days a week, 80% of my food intake is plant based now, I don’t drink alcohol (never been an issue) and I have cut waaaay back on my coffee intake. I am also shutting down t.v. and media devices 30 minutes before getting ready for bed so I start to wind down more readily, thus able to fall into a deeper sleep more quickly.

So, how about you?  Are you ready and willing to decide to respect yourself more, and realize that we only go around once in life, and the body you have can be cared for and made healthier?  Something happens when we turn the big 50 (hey, try turning the big 60! And try being only 3 years away from the big 70!)…. Happily, we begin to appreciate the fact that what we eat today will either have a price to pay in the years to come, or bless the “future us”.

I don’t know about you, but I want the money I’ve saved to go for travel and memories with family and friends, not for medical bills. WE GET A VOTE, we can make changes!

Have a talk with yourself like I’ve had to…. and start to consider ways you can be wiser, do better, and bless your own health and well-being.  The discipline you practice today and the changes you make for the better will have surprising dividends.  No, you don’t have to live on carrot strips and lemon water! You get to be a real person and enjoy real food…… but how about smaller portions of what you like? How about avocado slices on your toast instead of butter or peanut butter? If you “just can’t live without bacon”, then how about having just one piece instead of two (or four)?  Or make it special for only having on Sunday? 

You CAN figure it out. Extreme diets aren’t needed. Wisdom and consistent small changes, PLUS EXERCISE, will make a difference.  Don’t like to exercise or go to the gym?  Then WALK.  It is so beneficial!  30 minutes of brisk walking every day will clear your head, ease stress, loosen stiff joints, and trim and tone every part of your body. It will cheer you up! Just DO it!

Bottom line, there is only one you, you’re precious, and you’re worth it.  Start TODAY!

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