Okay, is it just me, or is it THE hardest thing to understand and do when you are so hurt and so angry?  I read over 20 books about forgiveness over a three decade period, due to what I will call “serious opportunities” to forgive people who caused me tremendous hurt, as well as seeking help to forgive MYSELF for my own awful mistakes and poor choices.

Recently I was so utterly tapped out in this department I had nothing to draw from within myself.  I asked Jesus to help me, and had a tremendous experience. I “saw” in my heart (not an actual vision with my eyeballs!) Jesus quietly standing 10 feet off to the right next to a big well made of stone, about 4 feet across. As I approached the well I realized it was full of blood, so fresh it was still warm; I could almost ‘smell’ the life in it.  I felt directed to approach and bend over the edge of the well so that my arms dipped in up to my armpits, and my long hair also hung down into all that blood. Then I “saw” me stand up and powerfully hurl all that blood onto the person who was causing me so much emotional pain while  I was declaring “I forgive you out of the power and abundance of the forgiveness that Jesus Christ gives to me.”  I did it over and over. Each time I did, not only was the power of HIS forgiveness being released onto them out of my mouth, by faith, but all His blood covered both me and them.  He was letting me draw from HIM, because He knew I was totally tapped out within myself.  


It absolutely set my heart free



LORD, You say “Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so” in Psalm 107:2… Well, I choose to focus on and speak Your Word of forgiveness INSTEAD OF thoughts of hurt or self-pity. I choose to obey Your command to forgive.  Therefore I refuse to retain any hurts or unforgiveness .  I will not dwell on past hurts. I choose to forgive out of the abundance of the forgiveness with which You forgive me, I borrow off of  YOUR power of forgiveness.  I choose Your power, and the cleansing forgiveness of Your blood to do the forgiving, freeing work on my heart, so I am no longer imprisoned or held captive by hurt or unforgiveness.  Thank You Heavenly Father for providing Jesus, my Healing, forgiving Savior. Amen!

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