HEALING — STILL God’s Will for Us --  A Logical Look at the TRUTH

Physical healing is a MERCY which Christ - Who is THE expression of the Father’s perfect will and heart at all times – consistently bestowed, everywhere, every day, at all times as He reflected the Father’s perfect will ... YES! He continually bestowed healing and wholeness upon ALL who sought Him for healing.

Additionally the Word declares the heart and WILL of the Father with these very clear verses “the Lord is plenteous in MERCY unto ALL that call upon Him” (note, it does NOT say ‘except the sick!'). Also “His mercy endures FOREVER” (nothing at all is ‘dispensational’ about that), and “He is FULL of mercy over all His works”.

Currently, as a result of His ascension, Christ sits at the right hand of the Father ratifying the power of what He accomplished in providing His own body for OUR bodies (Isaiah 53:4,5) for healing, and His own soul for OURS at the cross as He paid for our sins and cleanses us with His blood that we might be saved (Romans 10:9,10). THIS IS the Great Exchange and holy gift of His love and the Father’s will.  No part of God’s will for humanity has diminished.

We are not so foolish as to lie about Christ and say that the salvation He offers has somehow passed away, so how DARE anyone say or imply that HEALING is no longer His will or has passed away, when it was His compassion and mercy that caused Him to 100% identify with our every need, BODY and Soul, with His great love and mercy.

Rather than buying into the lie that healing and miracles have passed away, let us fully embrace ALL that our glorious Lord offers us, declaring with power & joy “IT IS WRITTEN!” and pursue receiving the healing He has already established that has OUR name on it, not only for our benefit and joy, but all unto His glory!!!

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