We know they are noisy, energetic, ever-hungry, ever demanding. They grow out of shoes as fast as we buy them. They may get on our last nerve, not once a day, but dozens of times a day, every day. And yet they are OUR TREASURES – the true, most important treasures of our heart!

So, let’s PRAY for them:

“Heavenly Father, You say that children are a gift from You. You say that the man who has many children is truly blessed. So, I THANK YOU for our children, for our BLESSINGS! . Help us to always remember that You did not give them to us to be a burden, to be our property, or to fulfill our ego needs. You created them as unique, one-of-a-kind little souls, and woven within them You have placed gifts, talents, abilities, sensitivities, and wonder.

Please Father, with Your abundant love and grace, grant us wisdom to raise them to be the people You intend for them to be.  Remind us to always have the law of kindness on our tongues in our home, and to our children.  Help us to speak to them, and train them, out of the power of the fruit of Your Holy Spirit revealed to us in Galatians 5:22 – 23.

We ask for and declare the power of Your promises in Psalm 91 over our home and our children.  Give us discernment to be quick to recognize the enemy’s tactics to undermine our family, and help us to be ever mindful to declare and speak Your Word instead of discouragement, whining, or complaining. An atmosphere of encouragement is a place where little hearts flourish. Please teach us to each be encouragers to one another.

We ask that our children be protected by Your angels 24/7. Safeguard them please, according to Psalm 91. Please keep them healthy Lord. We trust Your promises for health and healing in Proverbs 4:20-22, and Psalm 107:20, and Isaiah 53:3,4,5. Help our children to be open-hearted to receive Jesus as their Savior at an early age. Help them to excel in school, help them to be diligent in their efforts to be their best. Help us to remember to raise them in an environment of encouragement, not pressure or criticism.  We ask this in the power of Christ Jesus’ Name. Amen!”

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